NEW products 2021 - luminaire SKAT 1 and 2


SKAT 1, 2

We would like to present to you the new product of the autumn of 2021 - luminaire SKAT 1 and SKAT 2.

Those luminaires are based on the model STYX however the shade is not made of glass but polyethylene - PE.

SKAT is offered in two dimensions - diameter 200 and 300 mm with a wide variety of base colors.

Highlights of the SKAT is resistance against mechanical damage IK10, IP65 (class II.), efficient and economical LED system, and 5year warranty.


SKAT 1 in catalogue: https://www.osmont.cz/en/svitidlo-1322-skat-1

SKAT 2 in catalogue: https://www.osmont.cz/en/svitidlo-1327-skat-2

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