Warranty Conditions Osmont

The Seller provides a 60-month warranty from the date of sale for all incandescent and LED luminaries (pursuant to Section (§) 2165(1) of the Civil Code).

  1. a) The Seller provides a 24-month warranty from the date of sale for luminaires with fluorescent lamps.
  2. b) The Seller provides a 12-month warranty from the date of sale for accumulators.
  3. c) For lighting with the OSMONT LED systems the extended warranty only applies to LED modules and current sources. It does not apply to motion sensors and emergency regime components.
  4. d) Osmont lighting has to be used under relevant conditions and in the environment for which it is intended – pursuant to Czech Technical Norm ČSN EN 60598-1. The lighting, including the components, cannot be exposed to any mechanical strain or damage (especially impact).

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