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Awarded product 2021 – ISIS PM, ISIS PM-M

Let us introduce you to a novelty in the range, which won an award at the international construction fair ForArch 2021.

ISIS PM differs from standard ISIS in shade material. ISIS PM has a shade made of polymethyl methacrylate, the ISIS PM-M version also has this shade with a matt finish.

Both versions offer a better appearance than the original version of PE (polyethylene shade). In addition, the appearance of the PM-M version is almost unrecognizable from a glass shade (eg ADRIA P).

The ISIS PM, PM-M luminaire can be manufactured with different types of suspension – rod suspension P, cable suspension L, cable suspension S and is offered in three shade diameters – diameter 300, 400 and 500 mm.

Both versions of the luminaires are also offered in the HP – High Power version, ie. The high-performance LED version, which was first introduced in 2021.

Žádost o změnu údajů

Žádost o změnu údajů