Luminaires with TRIPLEX OPAL glass shades are a traditional group of products made by the company. This type of shades comes from the handmade production of Czech and European glassmakers, with whom we have been cooperating for many years.

The TRIPLEX OPAL is a three-layer glass with a matte finish, specifically crystal-opal-crystal. The resulting product is characterized by high quality, velvety appearance and great optical properties. Due to the refraction of light on this type of diffuser, these luminaires do not dazzle even when using powerful LED sources.

The simple, yet elegant design of these luminaires is suitable for both modern and historical places. They are primarily intended for residential buildings or family houses, restaurants, cafes, hotels, cultural and business centers, as well as rehabilitation facilities or hospitals.

Product offer consists of surface mounted, recessed, pendant luminaires and table lamps.



Luminaires with plastic shades are the second product group offered by our company. Those types of shades come from the company´s own production. The plastic pressing plant for the diffusors is situated in northern Bohemia.

The high-quality materials from which the diffusors are made are polycarbonate (PC), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene (PE). The main benefits of these luminaires are pleasant appearance, high damage resistance and UV stabilization of the material that prevents its aging.

The durability and technical parameters combined with wide range of light sources ensure the suitability of this type of luminaire both indoors and outdoors. Their use is suitable for residential buildings or family houses, schools, nurseries, industrial premises, garages or in exterior generally.

Product offer consists of surface mounted, recessed, pendant and industrial luminaires.

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